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Delta Airlines lavatory concept.

We engineered and built an innovative lavatory concept for Delta Airlines, presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany.

Lilium at EBACE 2024.

We build the show model for Lilium jets, which was exhibited at the EBACE 2024 in Geneva.

We have engineered and constructed a functional prototype for Glydway.

DMS approved by VBG.

We are enhancing our occupational safety, in March 2024 we have been certified by the VBG statutory accident insurance.

Callista Private Equity.

Schäfer Group was acquired by  Callista Private Equity on 31 July 2023.

We produced the showcase model for Lilium jets, which was exhibited at various trade fairs around the world.

Red Bull pit-stop game.

We handle the development, engineering, production, and global distribution of the Redbull Pit Stop Challange game.

Webasto Turbo Connect.

We oversaw the design and CAS Modelling of the Webasto Wallbox, available for purchase in the US Market.

Mletzko Restomod.

We provided design support and strak surface modelling expertise for Mletzo Porsche resp. Sanders Automotive.

Webasto Wallbox.

We were responsible for the design and realisation of the Webasto Bi-directional Charching Wallbox,    showcased at the IAA 2021 trade fair.

Gemballa at Geneva motor show.

At the Geneva Motorshow 2017, we handled CAS modeling for the Gemballa Avalanche, including the creation of the prototype model.

Webasto show car.

We designed a technology display model featuring Webasto innovations, showcased at the IAA 2017 trade fair.


Our collaboration with Govecs involved delivering comprehensive design services for the eSchwalbe, covering everything from initial sketches to production, including CAS modeling.


We executed the design and CAS modeling for the front fascia of the high-end luxury mobile, VARIO Perfect.